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Like many small business owners, I was confused with the marketing aspect of my business… so many different opinions and tactics out there and so many contradicting information… What and how to do?

I paid for several (rather expensive!) courses, spend time on dozens of webinars, read myriad of books, scoured through hundreds of articles and blogs on the subject and all with one simple question:

What marketing mix will work for me and I can implement myself at least to start with?

More I read and learned, more confusing it all became… a huge puzzle of conflicting advice and opinions.

This impossible situation incited me to stop for a moment, line up all the information I had acquired and try to make sense of it then put it in the context of my own business needs.

And this is when I realised that it is all about the MOMENTUM! A strategically chosen mixture of content, that will reach my ideal clients and will be helpful, educational, reassuring and sometimes even entertaining.

With this fundamental principle in mind, I created the Marketing Momentum Matrix and after using it myself, sharing it clients and friends, I am delighted to share it here and with you today.

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We are a small team of mighty entrepreneurs. A team of great believers with shared intent to inspire & empower excellence.

But what does that really mean?

To us it means sharing knowledge and information, challenging the status quo, voicing original ideas, believing there’s always a better way and relentlessly searching for it. It means sharing tools, creating solutions and enabling fellow entrepreneurs to grow and become an inspired & empowered force.

Antoanella Pernette

SALES & CUSTOMER Experience Coach

With more than 3 decades of multi-industry business, sales and operations management expertise, Antoanella is passionate about the success of the people and organisations she works with. She believes the sense of joy and fulfilment must be part of business every day – happiness comes first, success follows. She believes passion and perseverance are like wings – you need both to fly.