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Impression CX Ltd, Company Registered in England & Wales Number: 11996374

Registered Office at 85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT


“Impression CX” and/or “The Company”, refers to Impression CX Ltd.

“Impression CX Team” and/or “ICX Team” refers to Impression CX and other individuals involved in administering Impression CX Products and Services.

“Mentors and Coaches” refers to individuals who are experts and are engaged by Impression CX for the purpose of speaking to and mentoring Attendees on the scheduled dates and times of the supplied Products and Services.

“Attendees” refers to those individuals who sign up for Impression CX Products and Services.

“Products and Services” refers herein to the Products and Services supplied by Impression CX Ltd to the Attendees.

“Scheduled Events” refers to the in-person or online meetings, training and/or coaching events  that are on pre-set dates and times.

“Materials” refers to information, literature, handouts, strategies, tests, written, audio and/or video products, exercises and any learning materials used in support of the Products and Services


Attendees must be committed to confidentiality. Attendees help each other by sharing ideas and experimenting with concepts. Information shared within the group must remain confidential. Impression CX does not, however, guarantee nor will Impression CX be liable if you (The Attendee) share an idea and later believe that another person took this idea, or if you feel negatively affected by someone’s reaction to information you choose to share. You do not need to share confidential information to fully experience the positive results of participation and working with likeminded entrepreneurs, if you don’t feel it is appropriate to do so.


The intellectual property rights in all material produced and distributed by Impression CX expressly reserved and any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited.

Attendees will be receiving extensive Materials as part of participating in Impression CX Products and Services. These Materials have been developed over a long period of time and the copyright belongs to Impression CX Ltd and/or individual members Impression CX Team, or Coaches and Mentors. Attendees do not own the Materials provided to them during participation in Products and Services and have no right to copy, duplicate, adapt, transmit, sell, teach or license the Materials in any way, shape or form. The Materials are strictly for your personal use only as an Attendee.


Impression CX is committed to developing the Attendees and the Attendees need to be as committed as we are to the process and the work associated with Products and Services


Impression CX is committed to continuously improve the Products and Services and relevant Materials with the aim of providing greater value to the Attendees. Therefore, Impression CX reserves and maintains the right to do changes to the Materials as and when it sees appropriate and/or necessary.


In the unlikely event that Impression CX needs to make a change to an event venue, date or time or replace a Coach or Mentor or other speaker, or make any other changes to a module or event, hereby Impression CX maintains and reserves the right to do so.

Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the advertised event programme, Impression CX reserves the right to change the programme, speakers, timing, dates and venue. In such circumstances no refunds or part refunds will be made.


Impression CX Products and Services constitute “Information Only” and do not constitute financial or legal recommendations or advice. You are recommended to seek licenced professional advice for medical, legal and financial needs. You agree that all decisions you make on legal, financial and/or medical matters are your full responsibility and you agree to retain licenced professional advice in such matters with enough importance to reasonably require it.


Any business or services provided to other Attendees within you group or the wider Impression CX community is done so at your own risk. We do not endorse any business or service. We do not accept payments, gifts or commissions of any business dealings entered into by you or others known by you. Equally, we do not accept any liability for business dealings that you choose to enter into with other Attendees, clients or those in the wider Impression CX community.


Impression CX takes all complaints seriously. Should an Attendee have a complaint about a Coach, Mentor, Impression CX Team member or any part of the Product and Service they have enrolled in, Impression CX will take every reasonable step to rectify the issue. Attendees complaints are to be emailed to Welcome@ImpressionCX.com. Once Impression CX Team receives the complaint e-mail, Attendees should allow 48 working hours for a complaint e-mail to be processed and response received. Impression CX will always aim to fully resolve any issues within 14 working days of first email being received. Neither party will go online with the complaint or escalate into a legal process without first allowing the 14 working days for investigation and resolution. Neither party will publicly complain on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any other social media platforms, without first attempting to resolve the issue mutually within 14 working days period. Products and Services constitute information only and do not constitute a licenced professional advice in medical, legal and financial needs.


All payments must be received prior to the Scheduled Event date. All payments must be made by credit card or bank transfer and received prior to the Scheduled Event date. We do not accept payments by cheque.

All payments will be acknowledged by a receipt and VAT invoice issued. All payments are to be made in GBP.

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevalent rate.


All Products and Services have limited number of Attendees per training and as such we operate a strict cancellation policy. Consequently, once you enrol/register to participate the cancellation terms applicable are as follows:

120 to 60 days before the Scheduled Event Date

75% will be refunded

60 to 30 days before the Scheduled Event Date

50% will be refunded

30 to 15 days before the Scheduled Event Date

25% will be refunded

14 days before the Scheduled Event Date

0% will be refunded

After Scheduled Event

0% will be refunded

In the event you need to change the date of your attendance, this must be done in writing  via email to Welcome@ImpressionCX.com and received within 14 days of the initial enrolment/registration payment for the Products and Services.

In the event your request to change the date of your attendance falls after the initial 14 days period, and 14 days before the Scheduled Event date, you will be able to enrol / register for the next available Scheduled Event date, subject to an additional administrational fee of £40.00 per person

In the event your request to change the date of your attendance falls in the period of 14 days before the Scheduled Event date, you will be able to enrol / register for the next available Scheduled Event date and subject to an additional fee of £120.00 per person.


It is at the sole discretion of Impression CX to permit you, the Attendee, to transfer to another Product or Service. Impression CX reserves the right to charge a 25% of the total fee in addition to the original amount paid should a transfer be permitted. This must be agreed with Impression CX and paid prior to the transfer officially taking place.


Material breach of these terms and conditions may, at the sole discretion of Impression CX, result in termination of your rights as an Attendee and access to Products and Services at once suspended. No refund will be provided to Attendees terminated for cause of material breach.


As part of your enrolment/registration for our Products and Services, you will be given access to our eLearning Portal (eLP). Your access is valid for 6 months from the date of the Scheduled Event you enrolled/registered for. After this period, you will be given the opportunity to extend your access through a monthly subscription. A notification email letting you know of the upcoming expiry of your access to eLP, as well as detailing your options to subscribe for continued access, will be sent to you 30 days prior to the expiration date.

After the expiration date you will have the option to contact Impression CX and request to renew your subscription to access the eLP, subject to a monthly subscription fee.

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